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Venice as you have never seen it

Church of San Francesco della Vigna, built by Jacopo Sansovino in collaboration with the Franciscan friar Francesco Zorzi, author of a hermetic compendium-book De harmonia mundi. The design of the building was influenced by sacred geometry principals related to the measures of Noah’s ark.

dodecahedron, San MarcoBasilica of San Marco, reliefs on the main door archivolt, showing astrological signs and the months of the year. The built in marble spoils brought from Constantinople. Iconography of the glittering mosaics in the interior, related to Cotton Genesis book. The platonic dodecahedron by Paolo Ucello on the floor.

Two pink columns of Verona marble on the Doge’s palace.

Astronomical clock and the Clock Tower on Saint Marc square.

Church of Santa Maria della salute, hermeticism and Christian Quabbalah in the plan of Baldassare Longhena.

The square of San Giovanni in Braghora, the near-by “Street of the death” (Calle della morte) where criminals were executed. A little marble head of Isis is built on the palace façade facing the square.

patientiaThe Manin square where was the seat of the famous Aldo Manuzio press (specialized in issuing affordable pocket-size Greek and Roman classics) in the 15th century when Venice was the European capital of book publishing. The most ornate Renaissance novel Hypnerotomachia Poliphili was printed there as well.

chammel, venice

Church of San Salvatore, less known architectural Renaissance masterpiece (completely swallowed by surrounding buildings).

The notorious “Bridge of the breasts” (Ponte delle tette) where courtesans used to show their merchandise from the windows of the surrounding buildings.

A painting of the Last Supper by Palma il Giovane in San Moise with an unusual iconography (Crist feeding the apostle John).

Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli, a precious show case of ancient marbles, the design of the presbytery is influenced by Florentine Renaissance stile.

The hidden square almost impossible to find (Campiello dietro la chiesa). Near by Santa Maria Formosa there are three squares, two very crowded and one rather “esoteric”.

The Greek orthodox church from the 16th century.

Runic inscription on one of the marble lions in front of the Arsenale.

Giorgione, Tempest, Museo dell'AccademiaMuseo dell’Accademia: Here is kept one of the most mysterious paintings of all times the “Tempest” of Giorgione (hear the many different interpretations). The title of the notorious colossal Veronese “Last supper” had to be turn to “The banquet in the house of Levi” to save the painter from the inquisition.

In the hinterland

Asolo, once the residence of Caterina Cornaro, former queen of Ciprus.

Castelfranco Veneto, the birthplace of Giorgione.