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Monuments with high energy density in Slovenia


On the Slovene coast

Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary on Beli križ

In 1512 an apparition of the Virgin Mary has occurred on 15th of August. The church is a pilgrimage site of regional importance with high energy vibrations. 



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Church of Saint Blasius, village of Padna

In the presbytery of the church strong healing energies are present. The inhabitants of the village know about a few miraculous healings that have

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Natural energetic springs in Slovenia

In central Slovenia

Kamnikokolica 007Tunjice - Natural Healing Resort near Kamnik

The Natural Healing Resort is located near the village of Tunjice and was accidentally discovered in 1998. In the vicinity you can admire the baroque church of St. Anna with a spectacular view. The Natural Healing Resort encompasses several energy centers built out of natural materials.

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