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Healing with bioenergy according to the method of Zdenko Domančić in Ljubljana

diploma2We have made an arrangement with the best certified practitioners confirmed by Zdenko Domančić, who are his direct followers since long time. The therapy will be carried out exactly as with its founder Mr. Domančić, strictly respecting the techniques that have been developed for the treatment of individual diseases or disorders. 

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Marjan Ogorevc and the groundbreaking healing technique of Karmic Diagnostic

64832018 ogorevc showMarjan Ogorevc is a therapist with 20 years of experiences and author of numerous books about Biotherapy available in several languages. He has shaped himself through studying and practicing Nidra Yoga, Tui Na and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Radiesthesia, Crystal Therapy and Shamanism. He has perfected the method of Biorgonomy introduced by the Israely Rafael Rosen and Naomi Feinberg.

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Stephen Turoff, healer from England specially bonded with Slovenia

images-left3Stephen Turoff is a contemporary spiritual healer and teacher active for over forty years in his clinic (Chelmsford, Essex, England) as well as practicing therapies in Spain, Switzerland and Slovenia. Stephen Turoff has been claiming that he had lived one of his past lives on the territory of Slovenia as a hermit in an underground cave, being a direct manifestation of Saint Servolus (Socerb) who lived in the Holy Cave near the village of Socerb. Turoff has visited the cave sanctuary in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

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Raw food body-depuration program in Slovenia

Raw-foodsThe raw food diet is widely diffused in Slovenia

Helmut Wandmaker (1916 – 2007, from Germany) the founder of the Raw Food diet was invited to Celje in 1999 on invitation of Marjan Videnšek (zavod Preporod – assotiation Rebirth) and held a lecture on 27th  November in front of an odience of 420 people. The Club of Natural Health has managed to collect many supporters and was formally recognized as the Inštitut Naravnega Zdravja  –  Institut of Natural Health, based in Maribor.

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Therapeutic massage in Slovenia

Vito Center in Ljubljana

At Vito Center an original and highly effective type of curative massage treatment was developed. The aim of the method is to optimize the flow of informations between the hypophysis and the organs, the eradication of blockades and the restoration of the natural balance.

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External Alternative Medicine practitioners

Jewgeni Awerbuch, Naturheilpraxis Awerbuch in Groß-Gerau, near Francfurt (Germany)

Jewgeni Awerbuch is a therapist of Russian origin who lives and works in Dornheim, Germany. He has more than thirty years of experience in the field of Natural Healing. Each year in his clinic he treats a dozen thousand patients. Jewgeni comes in visit to Slovenia usually during the summer.

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