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Bring the healing power of the invisible spiritual forces back in to your life

In the dawn of Hellenistic thought the practice of white magic, called Theurgy, wisdom higher than human, was favoured to elevate men in to the realm of the Gods. The rituals were given by the gods to mankind (even though they are incomprehensible) with the promise that by practicing it the purification of the soul and the ecstatic union with them could be achieved. Theurgy is therefore the godly power in itself, which descends to man in order to liberate us from the shackles of this world.

The Alchemists believed that the result of their fatigue – the philosopher’s stone – had an immense curative power, which can carry out the transformation of the Self into gold (aurification). Physicians were preparing a golden tincture which was given to the patients in order to stop the corruption of their bodies, believed to be affected by negative planetary forces, and restore the natural equilibrium.

In modern times, the German healer Bruno Grönig (1906 – 1959), who healed innumerable people at a glance, through mediation of divine energy (called by him “Heilstrom” or healing current), has severely shaken the preconceptions of official medicine. Striving for the liberation from all the miseries and the quest for a “cure” that would solve the precarious human condition has always been an integral part of the spiritual path.

The Physical and the Subtle body: fine tuning with the Cosmos in Slovenia

The Alpine Slaves have been worshiping natural powers in the form of fairies or spirits who inhabits caverns, springs and holly trees for centuries. The veneration of a tree near Kobarid has been reported by the church authorities in the 14th century. The gothic architecture with its vegetative forms resembling intertwined tree branches was profoundly rooted in the country and did not give an easy way to the more robust and light Renaissance.

During the socialist regime in the former Yugoslavia, Christianity has lost its traditional role of the sole hegemonic religion and mean for Human Salvation. In the last years before the secession of Slovenia from the Yugoslav federation, intense cultural and spiritual ferment was going on as a result of the need and will to redefine the Slovene identity.

Different oriental traditions have flooded the country. Through Austria Rudolph Steiner (1861 – 1925) Anthroposophy, Waldorf education and Biodynamic agriculture were introduced. Helmut Wandmaker (1916 – 2007, Germany) the founder of the Raw Food diet came to Ljubljana and held a lecture. The acclaimed healer Zdenko Domančič has moved from his native Croatia to Kranjska Gora (and Bled) where he works at present. Nowadays the Raw Food (Natural Hygiene) is widely diffused and accepted as well as Alternative Medicine practices.

Our aim

The intention of the program “Experience Alternative Medicine in Slovenia” is to lift the veil that shrouds Alternative Medicine practices and confers them an esoteric connotation that makes them rather inaccessible and thus enable us all to enjoy their real benefits. There should not be a division between the official and the alternative medicine if they share the same aim, the health and welfare of the patients.

The guests that come in visit to Slovenia ignore the richness and the extension of such practices, respected and employed by the local population: the famous Clinic of Zdenko Domančić at Kranjska Gora, the achievements of the therapist Marjan Ogorevc and others.

Our service is therefore to share information about the variety and proficiency of Alternative Medicine practices in Slovenia and organize tailored trips, involving the visit of natural energy springs, monuments with high energy density and attending treatments of licensed Bioenergy therapists.

We only give reliable information and recommend verified services. We are committed to serve and operate for the benefit of our clients. Count on us in case you need a piece of advice or help to choose the proper therapy for you. With our experiences, united with a reliable network of collaborators, we will offer you all the necessary support and guidance. Our aim is to bring the healing power of the invisible spiritual forces back in to our consciousness and everyday life.

See the list of several options of Bioenergy healing therapies on disposal in Slovenia, which can be combined in a half day or a full day excursion including, if you wish, the programs of sightseeing “Esoteric Slovenia”.