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Leonbruno OlimpoThe programs of “Esoteric Travel Experience” can be carried out in several ways, depending on the circumstances and wishes of the guests. All excursions will be appositely designed (tailor-made) according to previous consultation to fit the expectations, wishes and interests of the clients. The listed programs should be considered as proposals.

Guests that come to visit a town for the first time will obviously want to see the main monuments and tourist attractions as well. The proposed “Esoteric Travel Experience” program is not meant to be an iron frame; on the contrary, it is rather a spice that will give additional taste and color to your trip, bringing out from the gray stones the vibrant peacock’s tail of half-forgotten human stories.

The advantages of the tours that we propose are basically two: you will find out less known fascinating stories linked to well-known monuments and visit places that have in the past hosted remarkable events.

Here you can find a variety of suggestions for your daily excursions that will enrich you way more than the standard touristic tracks. Follow your curiosity for the unknown, mysterious and exceptional. Concede yourself an insight into the wondrous nature & culture of the places you choose to visit and they will become an indelible mark in your personal geography and on your inner map.

Choose among the listed tours in the categories: ESOTERIC SLOVENIA, ESOTERIC ITALY, OTHER DESTINATIONS and ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE. Read about the most popular trips among our gusts under BEST TOURS


One day of guidance in Slovenia costs 120 euros / half a day (up to 5 hours) costs 80 euros.

One day of guidance in Italy costs 140 euros.