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The Secret of the Ancient Mask

objava 2The late Renaissance mask from approximately the year 1600 found by chance on a hill side above the town of Koper by the Art Historian Jure Vuga is now permanently exposed in the Regional Museum. The mask was part of a fountain, probably a prestigious public commission for the town of Koper.  

The location of the fountain, the exact date of its realization and its historical background is now matter of scholarly research and debate. 

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The fantomatic Bosnian pyramids, a questionable hypothesis gaining supporters


Bosnian-Pyramid 800The concept of the alleged Bosnian pyramids is promoted by author Semir Osmanagić, who asserts that a cluster of natural five hills in central Bosnia and Herzegovina are the oldest (30.000 years) and largest (the biggest »pyramid of the Sun« is 220 m high) human-made ancient pyramids on Earth. The hills are located near the town of Visoko, northwest of Sarajevo.

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Artworks from Istria in the new permanent exposition in Triest

7The artworks from Istria, secured by Italian authorities during WWII and never returned to the original location, are finally on display to the public in the permanent exposition at Pinacoteca Sartorio, Triest.

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