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The noble project

The creation of a Vipassana meditation center in the Slovene Littoral (Istria).

A lifetime dream

I had a period in my life when I suffered from endless insomnia, well aware to be ruining my life without knowing how to crash the vicious circle. I knew I needed something strong to find a solid hold again. By word of mouth I luckily found out about Vipassana meditation courses.

Much has happened at the retreat. These were probably the longest 10 days in my life, resulting in a liberating feeling of catharsis and reconciliation with myself and the world. I have kept the practice ever since.

If I was born in Europe in antiquity I would certainly be inspired to be part of a Pythagorean or a Platonic philosophical circle. In the Middle Ages alchemy was providing obscure answers to seekers of the transcendent. Today the path of the awakened one has reached further west than the missionaries of the Buddhist king Ashoka and is on disposal of everyone who chooses to trie it.

A Vipassana meditation center is an institution which aims to liberate individuals from their suffering by teaching them how to control and purify their minds.

My deepest wish is to bring Vipassana to Slovene Istria, so that the people of a wider region, covering Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria and beyond, could all equally benefit from it.

This will be, I believe, the most long lasting richness for us all.

Jure Vuga

How an idea becomes reality

When the business of Esoteric Travel Experience will grow, a part of the income from our commercial activities will be destined for the above mentioned purpose.

If you support our idea, please let us know.