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DSC 0389 1Esoteric Travel Experience is a program that promotes and provides journeys to less known and symbolically evocative places related to the authentic European spiritual tradition.

The term »esoteric« can be understood in its general meaning as something which is hidden or intelligible only to a group of specialists or »insiders« of any activity or group. On the other hand, the term refers to the spiritual quest and metaphysical aspirations of initiates.

The exceptional cannot be explained with the general knowledge no matter how hard we try. Our aim is to penetrate the veils of mystery that surrounds extraordinary art works, men or phenomena.

The service of the Esoteric Travel Experience is to provide sightseeing of hidden places or monuments unknown to the general public, erudite iconographical explanation of well-known art works, and bringing the attention to some details or significance that would otherwise be missed.

Being based in Koper (Slovenia) we offer a wide range of daily excursions through the Slovene territory and thus provide a more introspective approach and deeper understanding of meaningful cultural monuments and traditions of our homeland.

The close vicinity of Italy, the cradle of Renaissance humanism and the center of diffusion of speculative Neoplatonism, Hermetism, revived Ancient Mythology and Jewish Kabbalah in modern Europe, is for us a constant source of learning and inspiration.

Three major cultural basins unite and intertwine on the Istrian peninsula: the Italian, the German and the vast Slavic speaking world; with Venice, Ljubljana, Vienna and Prague all part of the same mental horizon.

The program of Esoteric Travel Experience grows as a tree from the fertile Istrian soil – a land of ancient ruins, Venetian influences and operative alchemists – corresponding with a narrow and wider Mediterranean and Central European field of relations.
Join us on this fascinating journey through the loci of mythology, symbolism, art & science in colloquium with the minds that have laid the foundations of Europe as we know it.