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Raw food body-depuration program in Slovenia

Raw-foodsThe raw food diet is widely diffused in Slovenia

Helmut Wandmaker (1916 – 2007, from Germany) the founder of the Raw Food diet was invited to Celje in 1999 on invitation of Marjan Videnšek (zavod Preporod – assotiation Rebirth) and held a lecture on 27th  November in front of an odience of 420 people. The Club of Natural Health has managed to collect many supporters and was formally recognized as the Inštitut Naravnega Zdravja  –  Institut of Natural Health, based in Maribor.

Marjan Videnšek conducts seminars at Bled about the benefits of natural organic food as well as fasting retreats where only fresh juices mg 0066 and vegetable soups are served: the result is the depuration of the body, the improvement of general health and increased vitality.

Divja hranaDario Cortese organizes practical seminars in the fields and forests, where he teaches how to collect wild herbs, spontaneously growing vegetable and edible plants. At the end of the walk a delicious meal is prepared with the collected wild growing edible plants. Mr. Cortese has also written several books on the subject.

In some sweet shops around the country fresh raw food pastry (cakes, ice-cream etc.) are available. We shall start the day by taking a smoothie in a Smoothie bar (in Ljubljana or Koper) and raw food pastry that will sweeten up our adventure. The lunch will be planned accordingly to the wishes of the guests.

The Raw food body-depuration program can be well combined with other activities and visits of natural and historical monuments in Slovenia.images

Attending a workshop with Marjan Videnšek or Darjo Cortese

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