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Stephen Turoff, healer from England specially bonded with Slovenia

images-left3Stephen Turoff is a contemporary spiritual healer and teacher active for over forty years in his clinic (Chelmsford, Essex, England) as well as practicing therapies in Spain, Switzerland and Slovenia. Stephen Turoff has been claiming that he had lived one of his past lives on the territory of Slovenia as a hermit in an underground cave, being a direct manifestation of Saint Servolus (Socerb) who lived in the Holy Cave near the village of Socerb. Turoff has visited the cave sanctuary in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Blessing of the Sacred Cave (on the Karst above Koper)

After the blessing in the Holy Cave Stephen Turoff commented: The voice of God sounded in my heart: »You must go forth! You must follow this evil and destroy it!« Soon after this God led me to the Sacred cave near the castle of Socerb in Slovenia (on the border between Italy and Slovenia above Trieste and Koper). Lord told me to go in the cave where I spent a year and 9 months of one of my previous lives.« (source: official page stephenturoff.com)050

Biography of Servolus

Servolus was a roman citizen from Tries (ancient Tergeste). He was 12 years old when he moved to a Karstic cave in seclusion, living as a hermit for almost two years. When he returned to Tergeste he started working miracles and spreading Christianity, therefore he was imprisoned and martyrized in the year 284 A.D. The remains of his body now rest in the cathedral of St. Justus in Triest. The mass in his memory is celebrated on May 24th every year.

Attending a therapy with Stephen Turoff in Slovenia

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