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Marjan Ogorevc and the groundbreaking healing technique of Karmic Diagnostic

64832018 ogorevc showMarjan Ogorevc is a therapist with 20 years of experiences and author of numerous books about Biotherapy available in several languages. He has shaped himself through studying and practicing Nidra Yoga, Tui Na and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Radiesthesia, Crystal Therapy and Shamanism. He has perfected the method of Biorgonomy introduced by the Israely Rafael Rosen and Naomi Feinberg.

Later he adopted the method of the Karmic Diagnostic developed by the Russian researcher in bioenergetics and healing Sergey Nikolayevich Lazarev, which includes diagnostic reading and healing through the insight in the human bioenergy-field.

Today Mr. Ogorevc uses this very effective, cutting-edge healing method to help people quickly recognize and transform the deeper causes of illnesses and misfortunes.His great success with this method has led to even greater demand for his services.

kozmus ogorevc 01He divides his time between his Bio Energy-Therapeutic School of Healing in Slovenia, writing and traveling throughout Europe conducting healing workshops and seminars. In the last few years he has been coaching Hammer Throw World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Primož Kozmus.

In his book Karmic Diagnostics Marjan Ogorevc reveals innovative and practical insights into the self-regulating mechanism of the Energy Field, otherwise called karma. His work shows how every illness and misfortune corresponds to the negative patterns and beliefs accumulated throughout this and all past lives and those inherited from our ancestors. These patterns become imprinted in our energy field and affect our health, relationships and wellbeing until consciously revisited, brought back to light and resolved (source: Jonathon Macfarlane, Karmic Diagnostics, Amazon).thumbs karmic-diagnostics

Attending a therapy with Neli Rep a follower and close assistent of Marjan Ogorevec

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