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Natural energetic springs in Slovenia

In central Slovenia

Kamnikokolica 007Tunjice - Natural Healing Resort near Kamnik

The Natural Healing Resort is located near the village of Tunjice and was accidentally discovered in 1998. In the vicinity you can admire the baroque church of St. Anna with a spectacular view. The Natural Healing Resort encompasses several energy centers built out of natural materials.

The owner of the estate has seen his arm healed from an old injury within a few weeks after dipping it into the spring he had just discovered. Experts in earth energy have later find out that this area of land has a very strong energy source, being positioned on a crossing of energy lines beneficial for health. Researchers working at Tunjice have identified several energy springs which have a special healing effect on one or more body organs.tunjice

After completing a sequence of passages through the park visitors usually feel reinvigorated, reporting higher resistance to cold and influenza as well a general sense of wellbeing. Cases of recovery from many different health conditions including persistent headaches, nervous illnesses, rheumatism, tinnitus and others have been recorded.

Modalities of the visit

pictures-program-1-2007-Slovenija-gaj-146 148460A therapist guides the group from one energy center to the other, supervising the exercises performed and the length of each stay (due to the strength of the energy springs it is recommended that each stop lasts not more than 10 minutes). In case of serious health problems a through energetic examination can be conducted in the consulting room.
(Edited by ETE.com, source: official page of Natural Healing Resort, Tunjice).

Natural energetic springs on the Slovene coast

Rižana, Zvroček84779483

At the spring of the Rižana River a labyrinth was built in 2008, according to the model of the labyrinths from Notre Dame de Chartres in France (from the year 1201). The place where Rižana river burst’s out from the Karstic rock has a pleasant vibrating energy. A gothic church has been built nearby in the 15th century.

energy-park-2The Salinera Bioenergy Park

The Bioenergy center lies in the heart of the Salinera resort. Energy points, which are an integral part of the park, have positive effects on the mental and physical well-being. It is a natural way of mitigating pain through nature, which relaxes us and gives us a feeling of inner balance (source: Salinera Bioenergy Resort).


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