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Rim 1 4 - CopyThe church Santa Maria sopra Minerva and the site of the ancient Egyptian temple Serapeion on the Quirinal hill (Excursus: the oriental cults in Rome and magic).

The remains of the masonry structure of the bow, pertaining to the “Isis boat” (Naviglium Isidis) at the front of the Tiberine island.

Gian Lorenzo Bernini elephant carrying the obelisk, a citation from the novel Hypnerotomachia Poliphili. Discourse about the fortune of the hieroglyphs in the Renaissance.

Pantheon, temple of the twelve Roman gods.Rim 1 2 - Copy

The sundial of Augustus and the floral symbolism of the Ara Pacis (the Altar of Peace).

Temple of the Magna Mater Cybele on the Palatin and the temple dedicated to the Syro-Roman Sun God Elagabalus on the Palatine: the worship of the holy black stone.

Underground Mithreum in San Clemente and Sun deities in the late Roman Empire.

The Vatican obelisk and the legend about the ashes of Caesar. The great deed of moving the obelisk by Domenico Fontana in the late 16th century.

The legend about the automata statues protectors of Rome, called Salvatio Romae.

Casa Zuccari, RomeVilla Farnesina, the horoscope of the Sense banker Agostino Chigi, disguised in the ceiling fresco painting.

The Pharmacy and Cabinet of curiosities in the Hospital of Santo Spirito in Sassia.

San Pietro in Vincoli, the tomb of Julius II and the story about the Moses of Michelangelo. The grave of the famous philosopher Nicolas of Cues in the same church.

Casa Zuccari, and the grotesque in mannerist architecture.

alchemical door, villa palombara, romeAlchemical door of the ex Villa Palombara.

Anamorphic fresco of Trinità dei Monti Convent.

Giordano Bruno burnt at stake in the Campo de Fiori.

The mystic vision of Saint Teresa d'Avila and hers breathtaking statue of Bernini.

The architecture of Sant Ivo alla Sapienza and the return to gothic principles in Baroque architecture.

Palazzo Barberini, allegoric fresco glorifying the apotheosis of the Pope Urban VIII Barberini.

Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, the faithful copy of the Holy Shroud from Turin and the holly staircase in the Latheran.

Zurvan-Phanete-AionMusei Vaticani: Sistine chapel, Borgia apartments with Pinturicchio frescoes in Egyptian style (Apis-Osiris). Ancient statues of curious divinity Mithra-Phanes-Aion.

 In the hinterland

Church of Santa Costanza, the mausoleumof Constantin’s daughter.

Tivoly, Hadrian’s villa.foto bomarzo 0441

Bomarzo, the fairy tale gardens.

Caprarola, Villa Farnese, the first monumental pentagonal building and astrologic frescoes.

Palestrina, enormous ancient temple complex of the goddess Fortuna.

Lake of Nemi



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